Saturday, 9 November 2013

NaBloPoMo - What is in a name?

I have no inspiration today so I am going to go with one of the prompts. If you could change your name what would you change it to and why.

Well this one is easy because I did. I was born a Victoria and I never really liked it. To my parents I was there little victory as they had tried so long to have me. But for me I was one of 3 of that name in my class all the way through Primary School. It didn't get any better at Secondary School either. There were at least 2 of us in every school I went to and I changed schools twice so had 3 sets of classes to deal with. I never knew if anyone was shouting me in the corridor and so quickly stopped turning round at the sound of my name. It was rarely for me.

My best friend and I were I think the only ones in our year growing up who didn't have middle names. We spoke often of adopting middle names. She was going to go with Jude thanks to a huge obsession with River Phoenix. I spent ages looking through names and finally settled on Joelle. It's hebrew and means The Lord is Willing. Willing to do what we do not know ^_^ At 16 our little forms came through for our National Insurance and on there was a space for any additional names. I wrote Joelle there and it's been part of my name ever since. It's on my passport as my middle name and has been on every official document since. The only one it's not on is my birth certificate. This caused some issues registering at university on the first day as my 2 forms of ID were different hehehe. When I went to uni I moved straight into a house rather than dorms. I was the 2nd to last to arrive and there was already a Vicky there. At that moment I decided to go by my middle name and have been either Joelle or Joey ever since. You can date how long someone's known me by what they call me.

I briefly considered changing it officially but didn't as I know it would upset my parents but in my heart I am Joelle. I never liked being a Victoria or a Vicky. It just never felt right. Joelle fits me better. Joey works and I answer to JoJo. Never just Jo. There are a couple of people who call me Jo and it works but most of the time it makes my skin crawl.

There you have it. I am not who I say I am ^_^

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