Thursday, 1 September 2011

Buffy Swap October 2011

Right then my darling swapper, here is a list of all the questions and check ins in one nice place for you. I will also add links to any wish lists etc at the bottom. I will up date this regularly for you :o)

1) What kind of crafting do you do?
Knitting, spinning, jewellery making, sewing, soap making.
2) Fav colors/combinations
Black, jewel tones of purple/red/green/blue. Autumn shades of orange and yellow
3) Least favorite colors
pink & peach
4) Favorite fibers/yarns
Soft! I’m still pretty new to the whole fibre world and am always up for a new one. I likes soft things.
5) List some Small items you would like to have
project bags would be uber amazing. I also have a crazy love of buttons. Like obsessive crazy :o)
7) Things you don’t need or want
8) List as many sizes as you can
UK size 5 feet, small to medium head. I’m 5 foot 3 and have pretty small wrists
9) What is something you would like to receive in this swap? (keep price limits in mind)
The more handmade the better for me. I love that someone has put their own thought/love into an item.
10) Would you like the package to be a more detailed buffy theme or random buffy?
Anything Buffy is good.
11) Where do you stand on things like make up, nail polish, jewelry, and hair items?
Make up/nail polish - no. Jewelry/hair items - yes
12) Do you have any hobbies (other then fiber ones lol ex: reading, writing, photography, drawing ect.)
Love reading, photography, soap making and cooking.
13) Do you have pets or children who like to receive little things as well?
I have a 10 year old stepdaughter who adores presents hehehe
14) List anything else you think useful (we want your partner to have as much to go on as possible in order to make your package amazing and just right for you! )
15) Do you promise to b a good partner, fulfill all obligations, and send out a package made with just as much time care and love as the one you would like to receive?
I do indeed!

What kinds of handmade items would you like to receive?
Ooh now this is a tough one. I’d like something useful rather than something ornamental. Otherwise I am happy for anything!

Would you like to get some Buffy DVD’s, books or comics? If yes, what do you have or what do you want?
I don’t have the comic books and would like to start with them so this would be a possible idea for me. (Wow I find it hard to say, yes I would like this hehehe)

1) Fav buffy character/ why
Tough one this. I adore Spike for many reasons. He’s hot, obviously. But I Think he has the best journey through the series. He has the most self discovery and I like that.
2) Fav season
Probably season 6. It’s all getting going and ready for the big showdown.
3) Fav episode
Fool for Love or Beneath You
4) Have u read or would u b interested in the comics?
I haven’t started these yet and would love to.
5) Buffy books?
There are books? How did I not know about this. Yes I’d be interested, I loves books.
6) Buffyverse Quotes u use often?
Bored now. Wiggins
7) Fav big bad?
The Mayor or The Trio.
8) Do you like the show Angel as well as Buffy?
I watched the first few seasons and thought it was ok. Not a huge fan though. I loved Lorne however, he was ace.
9) Do u like buffy with angle or spike?
Spike definitely. Her and Angel were moody teenage love, Spike was grown up painful love. Neither is happy but I think her relationship with Spike had more to it.
10) Do u have any other fav character relationships?
I loved Willow and Oz, they were sooooo cute.

Do you have any specifications for how you like you gloves, socks, hats or shawls? i.e. length, thickness, materials
Gloves I prefer mittens with fold down tops. I love mittens but I take a lot of photographs do fold down tops are genius!

Socks I have a UK size 5 narrow foot so I would love a pair that flet snug. Usually my foot is flopping around a bit inside the sock hehehe.

I like mad hats. Earflaps and pompoms are good. Though something stylish might be nice for going out.

I’ve never owned/made a shawl. I have about elevnty million in my queue/favs and will get round to one soon. I’m only 5 foot 3 so nothing too long. Soft is good.

How do you feel about blingy, sparkly, or other “novelty” yarns? Not just typical novelties like fun fur, but also those with stellina content (Blue Heron Rayon Metallic, DIC Starry, Stroll Glimmer) or other “additives.”
I like shiny/sparkly! I can think of no purpose for fun fur in my life. I’d prefer my yarn to be smooth enough to knit a standard item like a scarf but I’m all for the interesting :o)

Would you like something from your partner’s region? Example: Georgia Peach Preserves.
Yes please :o)

Do you like/will you use straight knitting needles? Are you a circ only fan? How bout DPNs?
I have come to love circulars. They make knitting so much more transportable. I plan on only buying circulars or DPNs from now on.

If you have a pattern book (or any book) on a wishlist, will you accept a gently used version?
A hearty yes from me for anything my swapper would like to give me. I adore used stuff so bring it on.

Would you like your swap partner to knit/crochet/create something out of your favorites, or should we leave that stuff to you?
I would love that. I have so much stuff in there that is WAY beyond my skill level but is there because I like it and hope to one day be able to make it. Having one to pet while I was making it would be ace. :o) Edited to add: I will be emending everything in my favs/queue to have the tag "me" if I ever plan on making it for me so you know which ones are not ideas for other people :o)

Would you mind receiving yarn that is new but already wound into a cake /ball? How about unused leftovers?
Already wound is cool as is stuff in a skein. Leftovers are also pretty cool. I have a ton of scraps that I have plans for. I guess the scraps also goes for fibre as I’m a beginning spinner :o)

Would you like to receive something by/starring a cast/crew member of Buffy? For example and SMG film, other Joss project etc?
I would quite like to hear some of James Marsters music. I’ve never seen Dr Horrible’s Singalong Blog and would love to.

1) What are your favorite snacks, treats or drinks?I adore coffee, hazelnut flavour is a particular love. Fudge is a naughty treat for me :o)

2) What types of things do you knit or crochet?
Currently I don't think I have a fav type. I've only been knitting for a couple of years and haven't knitted much in that time. I love knitting washcloths at the moment and I really like anything with a cable. I loves cables.

3) What one pattern from your faves or queue are you itching to make but you haven’t the time, skill or supplies?
the veil of Isis is one I would love to be able to knit but I think it might be a bit to much for a first lace shawl hehehe. I've been looking at the Severus socks since I learnt to knit socks and have just not got the guts to start them.

5) Do you have an anti-wish list? Like allergies, annoyances, colors/fibers and overstocked notions.
I dislike things with synthetic fragrances with a passion. I have a bizarre hatred for the colour peach. Other than that I am pretty easy going. No allergies and I've not tried enough different fibres yet to know what I like or dislike.

What do you think about this design (not necessarily on a shirt, but something similar on a handmade item)? And if you like it, on what kind of item could you imagine it?It’s “And then Buffy staked Edward - The End”

Ooh torn. Buffy would, of course, kick Edward’s ass. But I will admit to liking the first book. What can I say, I love tragic romance. Though I did want to slap Bella most of the way through. Anyhoo, back to the question, I could go for that quote on things :o)

What width/length do you prefer your scarves?
I prefer thinner scarves as I seem to have a really short neck. Long is good but I am only 5 foot 3 so not too long hehehe

Do you need coasters or pot holders?
Coaster not so much. I would love pot holders though.

Would you rather have more handknit items or more purchased goods?
I’m quite happy with whatever my spoiler wants to give me :o)

If you have indicated that you would like an item for someone else, such as child, do they have any allergies to take into consideration?
I do have a 10 year old step daughter who I am trying (and failing) to get into Buffy. She has no allergies :o)

Non-US folks, if your spoiler happens to be from the US, is there anything in particular that isn’t available in your area that you’d like them to try and include?
Nothing in particular but something specific to the state/town you are from would be fab!

Do you have anything you want a cozy for?
Not that I can think of, no.

How do you feel about cross stitch? How about decoupage?
I love cross stitch. My Momma is amazing at it and I’ve never quite got the hang of it. Decoupage can be so very awsome :o)

1)what got you interested in buffy the vampire slayer?
My general love of vampires got me started. The progression of the characters kept me hooked :o)

2)do you watch a lot of joss’ other works?
I love Firefly but that is all I have seen so far. I did see some of Angel way back when.

3)would you b interested in or do you need a new note book or journal for knitting? (or other uses as you see fit)
A diary for 2012 would actually be incredibly useful right now. The kind with a page a day would be best.

4)if you had to knit with only one type of yarn for the rest of your life what would it be?
Ooh tough one. I think it would have to be a DK weight as this seems to be the most versatile. Something superwash. Twilleys Freedom wool is a favourite as it is so darn soft!

If you said you’d like jewelry, make-up, and or hair items…. what kind would you enjoy best?
I mostly wear earrings, dangles are good. Hair items I like combs and sticks. However my hair is very fine so please keep sticks/forks to 3-4 inches long at the most :o)

If you were Spike or Buffy, what would you have written on your knucks?
Spike - Sod Off
Buffy - Dust Time

Are you a tee shirt kind of person? If so, what size? Any no-no colors?
I only wear girly fit shirts. I could wear any colour if the design was good but as a general rule I avoid pink/peach/coral.

Do you like any particular patterns, such as stripes, leopard print etc?
I have an unreasonable love of polka dots. Especially red with white spots. I go nuts for it on anything!

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