Friday, 11 April 2014

365 - A Perfect Duo

Last one for the day folks!

Light and Dark are the perfect duo to me. You can't take a decent photo without them.

365 - Makes Me Smile

Nothing makes me smile in Spring more than bright, sunny flowers ^_^

365 - Pull Over

For this one we were supposed to stop and appreciate the view. So on my way to work yesterday I stopped for a moment on a nice sunny bench and just chilled for a little while.

365 - Fill the Frame

I took several for this and couldn't choose so I made a collage.

365 - In the Window

We have a pretty window display at work that I could not resist.

365 - Imperfect

According to the blurb this one was supposed to be a self portrait. Not sure how I feel about a self portrait entitled Imperfect. Seems needlessly negative to me. So here is me freshly scrubbed from the shower. Imperfect?

365 - Look Up

Looking up when I'm in the bath.

365 - Where You Work

This is my view as I'm setting up in the morning.

365 - Framed

I was wondering what to do for this one when I stumbled across this on my way home ^_^

365 - Focused

You remember me saying I was going to get back on track with these? Yeah sorry about that hehehe. There are 10 for you today ^_^

First up is Focused. With the aid of a good light and a tripod I can focus on the writing inside my wedding ring.