Sunday, 24 November 2013

NaBloPoMo - Catching up

I missed 2 days. I was so determined to do this every day but I missed 2. I can't say I regret it though. I've had a great 2 days.

Friday saw me at work and then the Drs. I've had a cold for over a month now and it seems it is a chest infection. Coughing so hard I've hurt my ribs. Fun it is not! Once I finally got home it was time to grab a quick bite to eat and then make Doctor Who cakes ready for Saturday. Once all that was done all I wanted to do was sleep. Blog fail.

Saturday saw us at our first ever comic convention. It was only a small one but it was thoroughly enjoyable. We got some beautiful art, saw some fantastic cosplay and just had a brilliant time all round. I was nice to see so many people comfortable and enjoying themselves and to talk to some really cool artists.

Saturday evening was of course Day of the Doctor. We made blue pizza and watched Adventures in Time and Space followed by the episode itself. All in all it was a great evening.

So yeah, bit of a blog fail but it was really worth it ^_^

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