Wednesday, 26 February 2014

365 project - Admire

This here is Wil Wheaton's ball. Well, it's a song sheet he used and threw into the audience that I caught and he was kind enough to sign. I admire Mr Wheaton quite a bit. His attitude to life and how comfortable he seems in his own skin and life are wonderful. How honest he is with his fans about things like anxiety and stuff is pretty darned cool. That he has carved a niche for himself just by being himself. Yeah, he's fairly awesome.

365 - Bittersweet

Mmmm, bittersweet dark chocolate.

365 project - Predicable

We have a metronome in the house for the husband's banjo playing. It's predicable tick sometimes drives me nuts but I can see how it is useful.

365 project - Crowded Around

Yesterday I had about a million barcodes to put onto things. They were certainly crowded around one another.

365 project - Oh Boy

This was a hard one again. I had to go back to the prompt and see what the subheading's were. One of them was simply a boy rather than an exclamation.  Again on my way to work I have to pass a Cenotaph. Seems like a fitting one for this really.

365 project - Notice

This one is the reason I am so far behind again. I could not for the life of me make myself notice anything that was worth photographing. Then on the way to work yesterday I spotted this little sign of impending Spring ^_^

365 project - Escape

I went with the myth of Pandora on this one.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

365 project - Two

On our wedding day my grandmother gave us this paperweight with two bells in it ^_^

365 project - In the front yard

Our front garden is a terrible mess. But the spring plants are still trying to come through.

365 project - Visiting

Ok so this one should have come in between geared up and where I stand. I was totally stuck so apparently I just ignored it.

I've chosen to go with a visiting alien god. I mean, who wouldn't ^_^

Monday, 17 February 2014

365 - Where I Stand

The 2nd where I stand picture. This time it is in the best place after a long day. In a nice, hot shower.

365 project - Geared up

This is the mechanism that makes my carder work.

365 project - Amore

I loathe valentines day. Being in love and being married have not changed that. I hate the expectation of the day. We don't celebrate it in our house. I spent valentines day knitting instead ^_^

365 project - Conversation

I thank my lucky stars everyday for the face that I can have "conversations" with my far flung friends thanks to social media.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

365 project - Red

Gotta be red lipstick

365 Project - Retail Therapy

I've never enjoyed retail therapy. Shopping is just not for me. But I work in a yarn shop now and that is just my kind of retail therapy.

Monday, 10 February 2014

365 - It's still winter

It was definitely still winter this morning. This is the ice on the car.

365 - A little heart

My tiniest stitch marker ^_^

365 project - Hand Tinted

For this one we were supposed to edit a picture, particularly the colour. It only seems right that you should see the stages it goes through.

So, original image.

A cooling filter applied to counteract the yellow indoor lighting.

Shooting in RAW seems to leave everything a bit flat so the final image below has had the levels reset to make it punchier.

365 project - Old School

I love my old school scales.

Friday, 7 February 2014

365 project - shadow

I knew exactly what I wanted to do for this one but it was hard to shoot. I think I'm getting better at lighting and using the timer!

365 project - From the Top

I struggled with this one too. I took it to mean from above.

365 project - Heartwarming

This is a camera phone shot which I'm trying to avoid but hey, this fits the title perfectly. My heart was pretty freaking warm at this point.

365 project - soft

There could be no other subject for this one. Alpaca fibre!!!!

365 project - A silhouette

Man did I struggle with this one. Maybe if I'd not been playing catch up I'd have come up with something better. Ah well.

365 project - In the Dark

So I am way behind on February's photos. I very sick kitty meant we were not thinking of much else here. Kitty pulled through and I have caught up with  my pictures.  So let's see them shall we?

Saturday, 1 February 2014

365 - Horse

Large horse sculpture at a local shopping centre.

365 project - Focusing

The world seen through my eyes and my daughter's glasses. Two different kinds of focus.