Wednesday, 20 November 2013

NaBloPoMo - Captain America

I never really ready comics. Sure I had a comic subscription when I was little. I remember going to the newsagents with my mum every week to pick it up. Mine was to The Getalong Gang ^_^ But superheroes? Nope. I loved the cartoons and watched X-Men and Iron Man all the time. I loved the Superman and Batman movies and adored the Adam West Batman shows. But I just didn't get into comics.

In my teens the guys I dated was a comic book nerd. He had a wooden chest with his collection in it. The contents of this chest were works quite a bit. He taught me to respect the books and handle them gently. About this time I read The Crow for the first time and my love of graphic novels was born. You see my problem with comics has always been the small nature of them. They are over too quickly. I just don't have the space or money to have a comic book habit.

Getting older I discovered that the libraries carried quite a collection of comic books. Suddenly I could take home as many as I liked. This coincided with the wave of superhero films and I was hooked. Sure my reading has all been out of order. I'm missing tones of knowledge and parts of story arcs. I'm enjoying every second of it though.

Oddly enough the character I have grown most fond of it one I was prepared to hate. That guy I mentioned? Well he had one hero he hated. He would sneer the name Steve like it was a mortal insult. I'm glad I only discovered Steve Rodgers long after he was no longer a part of my life. Because looking back I can see why he hated Steve. He hated him for all the reasons I love him.

Steve Rodgers is a good man. He is Captain America not because of Project Rebirth but because of who he is inside. He has honour. He believes in duty. He is a decent man. My ex? He wasn't big on morality or doing something because it was the right thing to do even if you didn't want to.

As I read more, particularly the Civil War arc I really did find myself loving Steve. I'd always been  huge fan of Tony Stark. Something only enhanced by the casting of Robert Downey Jr if you know what I mean ^_^ And here they were pitted against each other. And I could see both sides of the battle. They were both standing up for what they truly believed to be the right thing. It was an amazing thing to read and in many places left me biting my lip getting ready to turn the page.

Next year the 2nd instalment in the Captain America film franchise is released. It looks like it is paving the way for the Civil War arc to me and I really hope that is where they take the whole franchise because I'd love to see it realised on film.

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