Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Why I don't want to kick the ass of 2016

I really dislike New Year. This concept of an arbitrary date being a magical turning point has always bugged me. Every day is the start of a new year if you choose to measure it as such. So with this in mind you must understand how much I hate all the inspirational crap I've seen this week about kicking the ass of 2016.

Now let me get one thing straight. I totally advocate having a kick ass year. Try your hardest, do the things you really want to do, step out of your comfort zone, try new things, get really good at stuff you love. Experience the year! But for people to be aiming for the year to be perfect, or the best, or just all round great is scary.

Life is about ups and downs. There will (hopefully) be wonderful and amazing and fantastic moments in 2016. There will also (unfortunately) be terrible, sad, annoying moments too. This is just how it works. Maybe your year will have more up. Maybe it will have more down. I hope for the former for you all but what I hope for more is the grace to deal with the downs.

I want you all to start 2016 with the determination to kick the ass of tomorrow. And then on the evening of Jan 1st to have the determination to kick the ass of tomorrow. And the same on the 2nd and so on and so on. Try to make each day the best you can. Count in moments rather than years. Find joy in tiny things rather than feeling that events have to be massive to have meaning. Accept set backs, learn from them if you can. but don't let them derail you. Get back up the next day and try and kick it's ass.

I set my bar for happiness really low and thus I am, generally, one of the happiest people I know. There isn't a week goes by that I don't feel shitty at least once, Often it's daily. But I no longer let that define me overall. The sadness, and the feeling of worthlessness can have it's place in my life but I will be damned if I let it rule me.

I have brought balance to the Force that is myself and I hope you all can too. It is a constant battle but it is so damn worth it. Fight for your balance rather then wanting everything to be better. And for the love of all that is holy stop chasing "How it was Before". Move on. You are who you are now with all the things that have happened making you this person. You cannot go back. We don't have time machines or magic wands (if you do please contact me, I have ideas). All we can do is move forward. Keep going. Be you, in this moment,

Wishing you all a 2016 you can be happy with ^_^