Wednesday, 29 January 2014

365 project - Lively

The bacon fat got pretty lively this evening. No accidents though, just tasty bacon.

365 project - Return

I always want to return from the journey eventually.

365 project - Secure

Securing my hair can be a tough thing some days.

Sunday, 26 January 2014

365 project - Vivid

My newest corsest arrived this weekend and it has a vivid purple lining hidden behind it's plain exterior.

365 project - Caring

The most caring thing my husband does for me is makes me a hot water bottle because he knows my feet are cold.

365 project - Fresh Air

Sometimes the best fresh air is not going outside but letting the outside in.

365 project - Umberellas

I am lethal with umbrellas and so have a children's one so I don't hurt anyone ^_^

365 project - Eight

There should be 8 scars here; 4 sets of 2. But 2 of them were too close together and have blurred.

365 project - In a bowl

I honestly thought putting a pile of dreamies in a bowl would make getting cats in it easy. Not so much!

365 project - Upset

Whenever I'm upset I tend to sit in a darkened room til I feel more under control.

365 project - Abandoned

There is always that section of the graveyard that is abandoned.

365 project - Pose

(almost)Teenagers + Camera = posing

Friday, 17 January 2014

365 project - Knobby

Who doesn't like sprinkles?

365 project - Reserved

This one speaks for itself really.

365 project - In the Air

My first time trying to photograph something that is moving. Man it was hard. Learnt about a few more settings on my camera though which was nice. More focus would have been nice though.

365 project - Yummy

I baked a lot for my birthday so this was easy.

365 project - An Encouraging Word

I struggled with this one. It was hard to narrow it down to one word that I find encouraging. So I didn't. I went a little abstract and went with books. They are filled with encouraging words and they themselves encourage us to think and empathize through their words.

365 project - Footprints

Kitty prints ^_^

Saturday, 11 January 2014

365 project - In good hands

This one was hard for me. I spent ages thinking about what In Good Hands means. It means safe, protected, guarded, looked after. Trying to come up with something that embodied that was very difficult for me. Then I spotted it. Stuck to the side of my desk is a postcard I got a long time ago when I went on my first Buddhist weekend at the Madhyamaka Centre near York. It was a weekend looking at the concept of Refuge. That weekend I realized that while we all need people around us, a support group, our Sangha, the most important hand to which we entrust ourselves are our own.

That postcard has been there since I came back from that weekend nearly 10 years ago. It is a constant reminder to go for refuge when I need it to Buddha, Dharma and Sangha. To put myself into good hands. 

Friday, 10 January 2014

365 project - A doorway

Just a doorway for an intrepid hero to get through in Descent,  Journeys in the Dark.

365 project - Where I stand

So on the 9th we did a no power night. This means no electricity except the fridge and freezer and no gas apart from the heating. Our night was lit by candles and it was beautiful.

Thursday, 9 January 2014

365 project - Blue

There was really no other choice for this one. My husband's beautiful blue peepers.

365 project - Natural Treasure

Life got in the way so I had to make do with what was around me. What natural treasure so I always have to hand? Wool ^_^

Monday, 6 January 2014

365 project - Unique

So the subject matter for this one was easy. We are all unique. So it made sense to do a self portrait or something similar. I chose to focus on my hand.

This picture is totally without any post production. Today I learnt how to take a monochrome photo in camera and how to alter the contrast in camera as well. What do you think?

Sunday, 5 January 2014

365 project - With a fork

Food! Ommy nommy spaghetti for this one ^_^

Saturday, 4 January 2014

365 project - A little bit

I really struggled with today's prompt. A little bit. I just had no inspiration at all. I carried my camera with me all day and nada! Feeling a little bit frustrated I got home and started making the dough for pizza. Weighing the flour out I went over as I always do. Oh well, I thought, it's only a little bit.


So here is my little bit picture.

Friday, 3 January 2014

365 project - Winter Sports

With the distinct lack of snow or even ice around here this year I seriously wondered what I was going to do for this one. Then I had a thought. We have a home made sledge in the house that we bought the last time it snowed properly. Perfect. With a bit of playing with the metering on my camera I made this. What do you think?

Thursday, 2 January 2014

365 project - Goals

Being the new year I guess many folks will go with setting goals and things like that for this prompt. I went literal. The training ground for Leeds Rhinos Rugby Team is just up the road from my house and this is their goal.

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

365 project - Celebrate

So I've decided to have a go a t a 365 project his year. Here is the first one for the prompt Celebrate.