Friday, 9 March 2012

A change of address...........

and a few other thoughts.

I'll be re-organising my blogs over the next few weeks. I'd say days but we all know how disorganised I am :o) This is how it is gonna play:

Rainbow Book is going to be my genera blog. So if you would like to continue following me and hope to see some actual writing please head over there and follow this!

Words of Affi'enia is where you'll find my poetry. Currently it's all old stuff but I'm hoping to start that again soon as well.

BlueFrogSticks where we are right now is going to become for the business only. So here you'll see new additions to the shop etc. There will be no general posts here.

Ok so I think that covers it. Currently Rainbow Book is empty. Very empty. So I'm gonna start working on filling that now. Hopefully see you over there.