Friday, 27 May 2011

Just a good picture

I know it's been a while again and I'm really not here with anything of great importance. Just an image from our epic Buffy re-watch. We've finally hit season 7 and have watched all the ones I've previously seen. Including the one that left me with a lasting image. The image below in fact. I just think it's a lovely still, a really nice use of light.

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Ooh it's been a while again. Sorry folks. Things haven't been that busy I've just not been feeling all that great and happy. So the blogging tends to take a hit. Ah well I'm back, and with pics too.

It's lambing time at the farm and as always there are a few lambs who's mothers just aren't interested. This means bottle feeling and lots of cuddles from willing volunteers.

There is nothing like a bit of lamby cuddles to make a rubbish week at the office seem a million miles away. Wriggly and sheepy smelling and just adorable.

The other thing about this time of year is the interesting flower life. Now every gardener hates dandelions, especially when they start seeding. But look how pretty they are.

The chives have started to flower and this means they're not really any good for eating now but I adore the flowers. Purple and weird looking.

They're even better close up. Almost alien.

Once we'd finished at the farm me, Momma and Spadgersdottier took a little walk along part of the nature trail to pick some bluebells (with the farms permission) and look at the wild garlic flowers. The combination of the blue and the white is quite nice. I like how the 2 flowers are so different. Bluebells are all soft and curvy, wild garlic is bright white and spiky.

And last picture, a butterfly that was very accommodating until Spadgerdottier decided to run past yelling for someone. The butterfly flew off in disgust :o(