Thursday, 7 November 2013

NaBloPoMo - Grumpy

Today I am grumpy. No I am not getting ready for panto season. I am genuinely grumpy. I am hormonal and tired and sick of coughing. I am grumpy.

I spent the walk to work this morning trying to shake myself out of being grumpy. Sure it's raining, again. But look how pretty it is. The sun is shining brightly which makes the rain sparkle. Look over there! An awesome rainbow,. You don't get those without water! All this water falling from the sky means I get clean water to drink, wash myself and my clothes with and all kinds of other things. Sure my shoes aren't waterproof and I currently don't have waterproof shoes but I should  be grateful we get enough water to leave me with soggy feet.

My stomach muscles and my chest hurt from coughing. At least it is only a cold. Sure it's the worst cold I've had in a decade but it is still only a cold. I've not got a terminal illness. I can still go about my daily business.

I'm tired and I don't get an early night tonight. First up is the cinema with my Mum and then visiting friends after a medical appointment. Sure it's not the sit down do nothing evening I'd like right now. But I'm going to love the film and spending time with my Mum. I love visiting these friends. Definitely a better evening than the one I'd give myself right now.

Hormonal? Yeah I have nothing positive about this one so let's pretend I never said it ok? ^_^

Am I still grumpy? A little. But I'm also feeling grateful for the things I have. This is what I try to do every time I feel grumpy or angry or sad. There is so much to feel grateful for in this life that it really annoys me when people don;t even try to see it. We all have days where it just seems the universe is shitting on us and on those days we can't see the good things. But if we all tried a little harder to feel grateful rather than resentful the world would be a much happier place.

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