Monday, 18 November 2013

NaBloPoMo - Marian Call and Scott Barkan

It's finally here. The Marian and Scott blog. They have left the county (boo) so I can write this as all of you here in the UK who would have seen them have seen them.

Weren't they good? I know, I thought so too. This is the 2nd time we've seen them. Well, technically it's the 3rd and 4th as we saw them in both Sheffield and Manchester and we did the same thing last  year. Got to cram as much in as you can.

The trusty typewriter came with again and as usual was used to great effect.

Scott did some of his own songs form his album Flightless Bird. You should go buy it now because it is awesome. The title track is brilliant. One of the others that he performed, Bad Dreams, is amazing but I get the feeling that I won't always be able to listen to it. I think it's one of those that will make me cry when I'm feeling down.

I love how well these 2 work together. The shows are tight even when they are searching for the right music ^_^

Marian is really hard to photograph. She is so mobile that trying to take a static shot is damn nigh impossible. This should frustrate me but I find it rather awesome. She sings with everything not just her voice and that comes across in the music. Especially when she sings Love and Harmony.

She did some songs from the upcoming album. My favourite it Paper and Pen which I have already shared with you. The others were just as good though.

Scott is quite hard to photograph too. Like Marian he plays with his whole body. Even down to his toes. In all 4 shows I've seen though he's never lost his glasses. Though it's been a close call a couple of times ^_^

They did a song that is so new it's ridiculous. It won't be on the next album but the one after that. Tis a shame really because it was freaking awesome. It had a very primal rhythm to it and I love it!

Both Marian and Scott are really nice people as well as being talented. This time round Marian was especially nice as she let us skype the concert to our daughter who couldn't make it. We only managed the first half as Black Pig's battery died but the daughter loved it. I could see her dancing and singing along and I think it really made her night.

There was lots of audience participation this gig. Including a particularly rousing rendition of Shark week. Us Brits managed to relax a bit and shake off our natural desire not to embarrass ourselves when sober.

All in all it was a pretty awesome night. I love Marian's music and this time round I gained an appreciation for Scott's too. They were both much more relaxed than last year and seemed to really enjoy themselves too. Touring like this must be exhausting but they gave it there all and had time for each an afterwards too.

We all took part in the postcard tour as well. I got 1 in Sheffield and Black Pig picked his in Manchester. We both got awesome cards and put some into the bag as well.

And now we have the last photo. The main reason I was holding off on posting this. I present to you, Howard. Scott's mascot given to him by an enthusiastic German Fan. He is just the most adorable thing ever!

So if you haven't been and checked them out yet you totally should.

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