Saturday, 2 November 2013

NaBloPoMo - CouchDate

So one of my friends is very over scheduled. She never seems to have a moment to just relax and do stuff because she wants to rather than because she has to or should do. So she has created an event today called Couch Date 2013. There are 20 of us that have signed up to it. The funny thing is I won't be spending much of it on a couch. So far I've been cooking and washing up. Now I wouldn't choose the washing up as a pleasure but it means that the kitchen is clear for me to cook. And I do enjoy cooking. I have a pan of Goulash slow cooking on the hob right now. This is going to feed me, my husband and 2 of our closest friends this evening. Because this is where CouchDate comes into it's own for me.

The 4 of us will be enjoying our biannual (at least) Buffy Once More With Feeling singalong. I love these days. There are usually 5 of us but the 5th member of our group is currently living in Cambodia. So the 4 of us will soldier on without her. We will sing, or in my case squeak as I've lost my voice (stupid cold!!!!) along to this piece of televisual mastery loudly and badly and enjoy every second of it. It's silly and fun and is truly one of my favourite things to do. I love these people so much. They are part of my tribe. My self chosen family and I would not be without them. They don't judge me when I miss a note. They laugh at the same bits I do. They know the words just like I do.

There are many more relaxing things I could be doing on CouchDate 2013 but none that I will enjoy as much ^_^

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