Thursday, 14 November 2013

NaBloPoMo - A small world

I've been thinking today how small the world is. I complain a lot about technology. It takes me a while to get the hang of it and I get very grumpy while figuring it out. But you can't deny how small it's making the world. I have friends all over the place that I get to "talk" to on a regular basis. Heck I even met a bunch of them thanks to this smallness. People all over the world contributed to my wedding thanks to being able to reach out through the internet and interact with them.

I have learnt a ton of things because people all over the world put this information out there. I found my tribe. Nerds the world over whom I feel comfortable with and who don't judge me or condemn me because they get it! I love this feeling of community, this tight knit group that spreads thousands of miles. Its crazy.

Technology is hopefully going to allow us to share the Marian Call gig tonight with our daughter. She is 3 hours away from us and would have loved to come. It's not the same that's for sure but it's pretty darned good.

I am very old fashioned in many ways and don't spend as much time on technology as many people I know but I would not be without it.

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