Thursday, 3 December 2009

Looks great on the hanger

Why is it that so many dresses look great on the hanger but terrible on me?

I pretty much completed the Christmas dress last night. We put it on me to fit he zip as I need to take it in a little at the back and suddenly these weird folds appeared at the front midriff. ARGH! It just doesn't sit right.

So tonight the midriff will be unpicked and lowered from the bodice a bit without actually dropping the bottom of the midriff piece. Spadger had to explain that to me a few times! :o) And then there might need to be a couple of darts put in.

Oh my there were tears last night!!! However I'm very confident that tonight we can get it finished. I really hope so. I do have one other dress I can wear but I will be sooo disappointed if I can't wear this one.

First job tonight though is to do Spadger's buttonholes. One of us should be wearing something lovely and hand made :o)

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