Tuesday, 8 December 2009

A day in the life part 2

This is the sight that greeted me this morning from the back door while I made my toast.

I've washed up, hung up a load of washing and have a second lot on the go. I have my Eeyore mug full of English Breakfast Tea and I'm ready to face the world. My main aim is to get the quilt finished. Ideally I'll get a lot more than that done otherwise tomorrow is going to be tres busy!

Am just ironing the quilt! If it looks ok at this point all I have to do is slip stitch the gap and put the binding on :o)

Snacklet finished, now to sew the binding on.

Quilt finished!!!! I almost forgot to do the actual quilting part. I don't think It's added much to it but to be fair it's not that great a quilt. It is very obviously a first effort. I hope that Sal likes it though. I don't think the wadding is really thick enough. I can only get better though, right? Just having a sit down and a mug of China Rose Petal tea and then I'm gonna get everything else I want to sew cut out and ready to go. Only a day and a half to get it all done now!

Right then, must get on with the snippy snippy. Now where did I put my list???

That's the stuff for the Little Bro, Spoon Maiden and Canvas Girl all cut out. Need a sit down now as crawling around on the floor armed with blue chalk and large scissors might be fun but is no good for the back hehehe

Ok that was slightly longer than I was aiming for. Must get back on with the snippy snippy now.

Well I think that is all the snippy done for the moment. It doesn't look like that big a pile but there are gifts for 4 people here. I still need to cut out the bags for the FAS ladies but I don't know what material I'm using yet so that will have to wait. I've got the logo to embroider on my Brother's bag which I might do this evening. Right now I'm hoping that the pork I got out of the freezer this morning hurries up and defrosts. Yes it still isn't done yet! This is one of the very rare times I miss the microwave.

Finished the bootie and hat set for one of the girls at work. One of Spadger's friends is visiting at the moment so there has been much tea and talking. Day 2 of time off complete :o)

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