Monday, 21 December 2009

4 sleeps til Santa comes

Well it's a stunning 4 degrees today and the sun is shining. I guess this is going to be the end of the snow. When I woke up everything had a tiny fresh covering so I was optimistic. Not any more.

The weather turned and it was a chilly -1 by the time we left work at half five. Ok so it hasn't snowed again and what is there is starting to turn to icy slush. But there is still snow on the ground. The bad news is that the weather forecast for Christmas day is Sunny. We don't get sun in summer!!

Ah well.

I've managed to get the kitchen mostly clean which after my mammoth baking weekend was a task and a half. I still have the floor to do and a quick wipe down of the sides but I can't do that til the bread's done. Our kitchen is tres small and I can't clean the floor without having the door open to back out of. Currently I need to keep the door closed so the room gets warm enough for the bread to rise. There are 2 half pound cakes in the oven for Spadger's team at work. I say half pound as it is one batch of pound cake recipe from the Victorian Farm but I don't have a tin that will hold it all so I split it between 2 loaf tins.

Now what is this crazy stuff I hear you ask. No really, I do hear you ask. I have a very vivid imagination! This my friends is the material of one of my favourite skirts. It was given to me by Spadger's Gran. I think she thought I would use it as material for one project or another. Nope. I loved it just as it was. It had never been worn and I cannot see why. I adore it. There are deer and peacocks, flowers, fruit and little men doing lord know what. It's brilliant. I can see myself in the kitchen of my farm in this skirt making the bread for the week. I guess I can see this so easily as I already do this. Just without the farm.

Anyhoo speaking of bread it wont be long til mine is ready to go in the oven. The kitchen floor can stay dirty for one more day, I'm bushed. So A quick catch up with all you in blogland and then beddy byes for me. See you all tomorrow. And happy solstice!

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  1. Your post made me smile 'cause my son who is on leave from Iraq has been visiting us with his wife and 5 children in tow...and we enjoy them sooo much. However, he is a chef wannabe and when he cooks he tears up my kitchen like you wouldn't believe...and he doesn't clean up!! and with all the trouping in and out my kitchen floor is quite dirty...but this morning as I was cleaning up the kitchen before I went to work I was thinking how I would rather have him and his family with me rather than a clean kitchen!! Merry Christmas to you and your family