Saturday, 19 December 2009

6 sleeps til Santa comes

We when I woke up the snow was still here. The sun has been shining all day though and o more has fallen as of yet so we'll see how long it lasts. As I write a large bank of cloud is coming over so lets hope it's full of snow.

I have 3 lots of shortbread in the oven now and am getting ready to make some bread. This weekend I need to make 6 dozen mince pies, 6 batches of caramel shortbread, 2 lots of chocolate fudge, 1 lot of lebkuchen and 1 lot of gingerbread muffins. That's just for the paying customers. I'd like to make some stuff for the members of my office and some more mince pies for the warehouse men as well plus some stuff for us. I also have 2 bags I have to finish if I want to send them via last post for Christmas. So not much to do really :o)

Spadger is tackling the ironing which we have a tendency to let pile up. He is also making me fish pie for tea (I love fish pie!). Today is shaping up quite well.

I have got 2 dozen mince pies cooling and 22 just out of the oven (yes I know that is 2 shy of 2 dozen. Grr) The bread has gone in now and the 3 batches of shortbread are cool and waiting for their topping of caramel. I'll be doing that after tea. Did I mention that it is fish pie and how much I love it?? I love fish pie :o)
I think I actually stand a chance of getting everything done that I want to. The only thing that concerns me is the sewing. Fortunately I have been terrible at getting presents to places on time my whole life so I'm generally forgiven when things are late. It's that kind of exasperated forgiveness that comes with a small smile and a shake of the head hehehe

Well I have done all the caramel. Before I go to bed I will add the chocolate topping so they will be set and finished in the morning so I can use the tins again. I have managed to scald a finger and burnt he palm of my hand when the caramel spat at me :o( Really stings at the mo. Off to watch the Victorian Farm Christmas episodes on the Iplayer now. My friends brother, Peter, is in this and we went and visited him after filming for this had finished and had a look round. Should be really interesting to see knowing we've been there :o) Then I think we are going to watch Hackers which is one of my fav films from my adolescence.

The moon is just starting to creep back and the streets are still snowy. It's been a good day.

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