Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Day in the life of finale

The morning started with the sun rising as I washed up and there was condensation on the windows. I assume it was cold out but I didn't venture outside.

Spadger's left for work and his friend is still in bed. This leaves me with a bit of time on my hands as I need the ironing board before I can start really. I've made Spadger take my copy of Breaking Dawn that I started reading last night. I'm a bit of a nightmare when I have a new book, everything else seems to get put on hold. When Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows came out the only movements I made in the 4 hours and 20 minutes it took me to read it was to hold out my hand or another cup of tea :o) So the plan is today to sew everything I cut out yesterday. I also need to make some bread as we are down to our last loaf. I'm going to have a go at plain fudge too as one of the ladies at work has ordered that rather than the chocolate stuff I know I can make. So another busy day.

2 men with chainsaws just turned up to remove our trees.

Jim, our Robin, came and sat on the rungs of the workmen's ladder. He looked a little disgruntled at them removing the trees. I'm sorry Jim, but they're pushing the wall down and are damaging the house!

I've finished the embroidery for Little Bro's bag. I think it looks ok. Not quite as detailed as the logo should be but the transfer didn't come out to clear in some spots just like I feared. The workmen are still here but the trees appear to be mostly down now. Gonna grab a snacklet and then get on with some sewing. I can't believe it's taken me all morning to embroider. In a bit of a rush now!

Just opened my first Christmas card to find it contained a letter from one of my Uni housemates. I've heard from the Panda Pie recently but not from Noodle so it was good to read. Brought a big ol' smile to my face :oD

Just snapped a needle. Clean took the point off!.. Scared the bejeezus out of me!

The workmen have finished. I can't believe how quiet it is now. They've left 2 big chunks of wood for Spadger including the trunk piece he asked for that I said this morning he might now get :o) Now I know there wont be any interruptions I've started the yeast off for the bread dough. Soon I'll get that on and proving and then I can get back to sewing.

A little Mozart methinks.

Just took the bread out of the oven and the kitchen smells mighty fine.

dinner is cooking. I only have the lining to sew in now and then the gap to stitch closed. I can't believe it's taken all day! I was hoping to get more done. I was also hoping to have a bath tonight but I guess a quick shower and some more sewing is on the cards instead!

Bag is finished :o) Changed mind and am going for a bath!

Well I've done the sashiko stitching on Spoon Maiden's present just not put it together. I now have a rum and lime and am thinking about going to sleep. Back to work tomorrow. I've really enjoyed my days off and could definitely have done with more of them. A well, only 15 days till we break up for Christmas :o) This does mean, dear possibly-existent-just-not-saying-hello readers, that this is the end of the day in the life of posts. I hope you have enjoyed them.


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