Wednesday, 16 December 2009

9 sleeps til Santa comes

Ah single figures. Not long now. I think most of my office is actually counting down to the 10 days we get off work. I have to admit to being one of them. Its not been that long since my last days off but man am I ready for a break. I like my job, don't get me wrong. But it's not really the industry to fit into my ideals and my latest project has been terribly sabotaged by pretty much everyone else involved. Well, that's surely an exaggeration but it feels that way at times.

Christmas is always an emotional time for me. My favourite part/ideal of Christmas is the feeling of goodwill that it should inspire. It's a time for spending with those you love and helping those less fortunate. That's what it should be about anyway. These days it seems to be about making up for not spending time with those we love and what we are getting as gifts.

I know I certainly don't make as much out of the Christmas spirit as I would like to but I am finding I am more able to now that ever and intend to look into what programs I can get involved with next year. Maybe a knitting for the homeless project, or some kind of soup kitchen type thing.

I am a very lucky person. My health is pretty good, I'm in a better place financially than I have been in years, I'm in a loving relationship and I have a good relationship with most of my family. What more can a person ask for really? I feel I should really help those who are less fortunate than myself. So that is one of my aims in the new year. With that in mind I leave you with a quote I heard on the radio today which struck me as very apt. If we, as a species, were able to follow this a little more the world would be a happier place. I'm not sure that our species is really capable though.

From each according to his ability, to each according to his need

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