Wednesday, 16 December 2009

8 sleeps til Santa comes

I totally forgot to give you a baking update yesterday so here goes. I made 3 batches of shortbread and one of chocolate fudge. This means I can send in 3 people's orders tomorrow and I have enough mince pies left at the moment to give to our warehouse blokes who work really damn hard and are really friendly to boot! This leaves me with 5 orders left to do over the weekend. No problem says I.

The shortbread loves me

Ok so now to the daily business. I'm gonna be a bit sneaky and do a day in the life of while at work. Little tidbits written down over the day shouldn't be too distracting.

We have had our unit manager calling all the other ones trying to sort out my Project issues I mentioned the other day. Maybe we will still get everything out in time!

It's snowing. Tiny little flakes that won't settle but it's snowing!!! I love snow so very much.

The sun is out so I guess that's it for the snow today :o(

This project will be the death of me. I have had enough of it today.

It's snowing

It's stopped.

It's started again :o)

Nearly home time. Man I can't wait. It's been an awful day and I can't wait to get back to my baking.

So when we got home the garden looked like this.

And there was this stuff everywhere.

We even had one of these hanging from the bird table.

Wow my day revolved around snow and a hated project :o)

Well I've made the shortbread I needed to and baked bread and made rolls to turn into garlic bread. I've not done much else simply because no one has brought me a tub to take their stuff home in apart from one other person. I need to do theirs separately though as no animal fat can be used.

It has been snowing on and off all evening and it looks like a Christmas card outside. This is what our road looks like now. Much whiter than earlier.

Getting to work in the morning will be interesting if it doesn't melt. I'm voting for skiving and making snowmen but Spadger's not going for it. I adore snow!!! The high points of my day have been when the white stuff was falling from the sky. Even the most run down places look pretty covered in snow.

Tomorrow is Friday. My momma is coming round for tea and the weekend is my mollusk. I can't wait.

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  1. oh my goodness, i love that picture of your looks just like a postcard...your profile doesn't state where you live...but wherever you are--it is beautiful! merry Christmas to you...and if you can send some of that snow to Mississippi, I would really love it. like you i looovvve snow, but we rarely every get any...