Monday, 28 December 2009

Christmas review

Phew, Christmas is exhausting. The worst of it is we did nothing. Not really. We had my Momma round for dinner which was venison. A first for us and man it was lovely. We then indulged in the most mammoth game of trivial pursuit. 4 hours long and still no winner. It came down to sudden death questions as my Momma had to go to work. Spadger lost out on that question which after several chances with the middle already was a bit of a bummer for him :o)

On boxing day we went for a walk in the ice/snow down the canal side. It was one of those days where the moon is out all day.

The canal was beautiful if treacherous. It had iced over and it was really thick. As you can see below birds as big as the herons that live a the Abbey were able to walk on it.

The Herons weren't the only birds out. There were ducks trying to find un-iced bits of water and the crows were eyeballing us!

The canal has several locks and it was really interesting to see the running water and frozen bits on either sides of the locks.

On the evening we has a couple of friends round for drinks and food and much merriment. That's really been the theme of this Christmas; friends, food and merriment. Today we went and got Spadgersdottier. On the way back we stopped in and visited her grandparents and great grandma. They live in Helmsley in the Yorkshire Dales. There are many pretty pictures from that but I'll share those with you tomorrow. General bloggage should resume tomorrow. I know you've all missed the basic details of my life hehehehe.

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