Sunday, 20 December 2009

5 sleeps til Santa comes

Well it's been a busy day again so far. Coffee and bacon sandwiches in the morning, an icy walk to the shop as I'd run out of flour and butter, a few photos taken. We only stopped because my battery dies but the snow started to come down with force then so inside we went. Well, Spadger went. He then had to come back for me as our street is so icy I was effectively trapped on the other side as my feet were sliding so much I couldn't cross the road. He came back to get me and helped me to the door. My knight in a fine hat!

I'm now in the kitchen again. Tis definitely a good job I like baking hehehe. I've got 3 lots of shortbread cooling and m just letting the oven warm up a bit so I can get some mince pies in. I have 2 lots of fudge and 1 lot of Lebkuchen to do today as well. Then all the paid baking is done and I can get on with gifts and stuff for us. I think most of our baking will get done fresh over the holiday though.

Things are still snowy here.

It's now half past 3 and I have 5 dozen mince pies cooling. This is 2 dozen more than I needed. Mmm, spare pie! I'm just enjoying a lovely mug of coffee and then I'm off to make caramel and fudge and things.

Quarter to six and the caramel is setting, the lebkuchen is in the fridge waiting to go in the oven after tea and the chocolate for the fudge is measured. I'm gonna make the muffins after tea and put the chocolate on the caramel. These last batches will be more white that dark chocolate in their marbling as I've run out. This is what happens when extra orders come in after you've bought supplies!

No my lens isn't dirty, it's snowing again!

Quarter to nine and the lebkuchen is wrapped, 2 lots of caramel are in the fridge so the chocolate will set because I need the tins to make fudge and the muffins are in the oven. All I have left is the fudge and then I'm done. I've spent the whole weekend baking and I'm so tired I could cry. My back hurts and my feet are sore. I have burns on my palm and ripped nails. And you know what? I feel great. I've worked hard and made stuff I know people will appreciate. Tomorrow I will make 7 people smile and that makes me feel all fuzzy.

well the fudge didn't work very well. I think it's gonna be one of those things that tastes fine but isn't that great to look at. But that is it all done. I can return to a normal life now. The washing up has been organised and now it's stacked it doesn't look half as bad as it has all day. The kitchen is in a reasonable state. Note that I do not say words that are even close to clean or tidy. It is neither of those things at the moment. But here is enough space to make breakfast in the morning and at this point that is all I can ask for. I must go to bed now. Another day at the general workplace tomorrow. Only 5 sleeps to go.


  1. i'm going to google lebkuchen to see what it is...but i'm sure it must be good...i too am much cleaning and finishing up before a party i had last night. i love the snow pictures...maybe we will get some snow here at some point...i hope....

  2. Well I hope you do get snow. Everyone should have snow as far as I'm concerned. Lebkuchen are spiced biscuits. Not sure of their origin but I'm guessing German.