Tuesday, 22 December 2009

3 sleeps til Santa comes

When I woke up this morning it was with a certain trepidation that I wouldn't have any snowy pictures to share with you today. We've had no new snow fall however there was a hard frost last night. So everything has a sugar coating this morning. Icing sugar streets.

As you can see our little winter hardy fuchsia looks like a cake decoration :o)

Our water barrel overflowed and then froze. Currently It's a giant ice cube.

My boots still have a bit of a drift against them and now have a furry coating of frost too :o)

It's just started snowing again! We're not forecast anymore snow so the fact that it's falling anyway makes me happy.

Well the snow continued on an off. Whenever there was a cry of "don't look out the window" I knew it was snowing. My office laugh at me glee over snow :o) All in all the day was ok. I'm still sick of my big project and it looks like it wont be completed before we break up on Thursday like I hoped. However I'm feeling pretty ok about this. I can only do so much right? So I'm leaving it to the fates now. This evening I plan on making quiche for tea, some more bread and some scallion biscuits. Who knows what else will end up in the oven. The rest of operation clean the kitchen will happen too. Bed time is an indeterminate thing. I have plenty of pennies in the purse from the baking so I may treat the Mr and I to some beer. We'll see. All in all I'm feeling quite relaxed about my evening.

Today is an especially beautiful day. Most of which I've not captured on film. (Yes Spadger, You're right, I really do need to take my camera everywhere!) The sun was a big pink ball in the sky, hanging low and totally round. Everything has spiky fronds of frost on it. Breaths fog out. I love these kind of days. they happen all the time and I think we very rarely stop and enjoy them. There is so much beauty in the world and I'm amazed at how little most people appreciate it. The little wonders that the world has to show me lift me up in a way that money and "stuff" never will. Flowers, bugs, water and sky are the balms to the soul. Nothing cures a Grumpy me better than standing at the ocean or on top of a cliff. Just being surrounded by the elements makes me happy. But this is all about mindset. Try putting me outside in the rain or walking up a steep hillside when I'm not ready for it and see the Grump return. The payoff at the end usually brings back the Chirp though. The views and the fresh air are always worth it. I think if more people took a moment to appreciate the beauty around them they would be happier. I genuinely believe this. You don't have to trek miles to see this, there is usually some right in your neighbourhood. Stop and take a moment to soak in the world we've been blessed with.

With that in mind I leave you with a few more frosty pictures. Man I love my camera!


  1. I'm not totally sharing your love of snow (eager for spring), but through your pictures, I'm reminded that there is beauty in everything - even mind-numbingly cold things. :)

  2. Hehehe as you can guess I prefer Autumn and Winter to Summer. I do like Spring though. Autumn is my favourite season followed by Spring. I like the changing seasons. I'll always have a soft spot for snow though.