Tuesday, 15 December 2009

10 sleeps til Santa comes

Ah we are finally at the point where I can count in sleeps :o)
Christmas is upon us and even though we're not really celebrating in my house I still like the season. Well, certain aspects of it. I hate the rampant commercialism of Christmas. Advertising campaigns that start in July to get us buying stuff we don't need. The anxiety over getting the "perfect" gift for everyone. The endless wasted packaging.

I am making all my gifts bar 2 this year. That is 2 boys getting a bottle of wine each because, frankly, I have no idea what to make them that they might like and need. I have put thought into all my gifts and a little bit of love too :o) I hope they are used and appreciated. I hate it when I am given something that clearly is not what I would like. Smellies are my pet hate! Hopefully nothing I give will make anyone wonder "what on earth was she thinking"?!

With this in mind we are giving Spadgersdottier money this year. Well, we're putting it in an untouchable account for her. She isn't too happy about this as no 8 year old would be. But she has things from last year that she hasn't touched in a year. She has quite a large family so there will be no dearth of presents to open. We've asked all the family on our side to put at least half of what they were going to spend on her in this account and buy her something smaller with the rest.

Hopefully this Christmas we can start to instill a different message in her apart from that of gifts for "me". I'll save what I like about the season for another post.

As to the baking marathon I have now completed another 4 dozen mince pies, one batch of lebkuchen and have 2 lots of shortbread waiting for caramel and chocolate. I'm getting there!!!!

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