Monday, 30 November 2009


Oh yes dear none existent readers, I'm now talking in codes. Any of you that sew will have an idea what I'm referring to in today's catchy title. I am talking about the Full Bust adjustment.

I am in the middle of trying to make a dress for my Christmas party. this party takes place on Friday. This Friday. Yeah I know I'm cutting it fine. I bought a pattern, measurements matching mine or thereabouts. We (Spadger) made some adjustments to it to accommodate the girls. I made my muslin. It didn't fit. Shoulders were out, the neckline gaped. Not to mention the mess I made of the zip.

So a bit of research later and it seems that I shouldn't be using the pattern piece that fits my full bust measurement. I should be measuring above my bust and then doing an FBA. Apparently dress patterns are made with a B cup in mind. A B cup! I was a B cup from growing boobs up to being 18. I've steadily worked my way through the alphabet til I reached the wondrous letter of J (Jewels, Jubiliant, Jiggery-pokery, Jabber, Jackanapes, Jibe). However I only have a 32 inch back. So by my workings out the pattern piece I was using is designed for someone with a bust size of a 38B. Hmm, no wonder it didn't fit.

So currently I'm making toad in the hole and Spadger is making new pattern pieces complete with FBA. I love him!!!!

Hope it works this time or Cinderella may not be going to the ball.

Edited to add: The new pattern seems to work fine and I shall be starting on the dress proper tomorrow. Woot!

Edited again: Spadger is now cutting out the actual lining material for the dress. Man I love him!

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  1. Hi,

    Just wondering how you go about doing your FBA? Do you cut to the armhole and spread through a bust dart? I'm trying to amass knowledge on the matter and am curious about different approaches.