Sunday, 6 December 2009

Turn left at the end of the road

This is the point where my Dad went wrong. He called us for directions on his way to our house and got the first one wrong by turning right. Ah well. He made it here only an hour later that he should have and no one died (that was my little brother's reflection). I agree with CJ, no one died! This is the first time he has come to my house since I've lived in Leeds and I'm on my third house here now! He has a pathological fear of driving to Leeds which is understandable. It is certainly a city easy to get lost in thanks to the one way system and many silly junctions and lane changes.

But they made it and we enjoyed a lovely afternoon with my Dad, step mum and brother. I made garlic bread, mayonnaise and crust less quiche. Spadger made coleslaw and roast potatoes. There was salad and home made sauce and chutney. Good food and good conversation. I didn't get round to pudding but we're all savory people (apart from Spadger who is starting to love the cake!) so that was ok

I have the next 3 days off work which I am certainly looking forward to. I have many Christmas presents to make. I know they should all be done by now but I am one of life's procrastinators :o) So much sewing and knitting and maybe baking over the next 3 days. Sounds pretty good to me.

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