Wednesday, 23 December 2009

2 sleeps til Santa comes

We has sleet and hail last night but it's not melted all the snow yet. There are forecasts for some light snow most days for the next 5 days so we might still have white stuff on the ground on Christmas day. It is a clement 2 degrees C this morning so it's all kinda hanging on hope at the mo.

However the ice on the windscreen this morning formed feathers and I think they are just the prettiest things. The sky was also beautifully pink and the sun was a big glowy ball again.

The day started exceptionally well with breakfast. We had scrambled eggs made from the quiche mixture leftovers, scallion scones from this recipe and hot buttered toast made from fresh bread and butter made by Spadger. Round that off with coffee and it's the kind of breakfast all days should start with.

So far there has been no snow and it's been a balmy 4 degrees. There is still the forecast of snow though so I'll be keeping my eye out.

In my heart I'm on holiday already. I know there is tomorrow yet but everyone is bringing their kids into work so it will be bedlam with very little getting done. I Have a mountain of little things to do, mostly tidying, before Christmas so being in work tomorrow really doesn't appeal.

*-*-*-* It all goes a bit off track below *-*-*-*

If I'm being honest work appeals less and less each day. not that I don't like my job. I would like to stress right now that I like my job fine. The people are nice and generally I'm helping folk and making them happy with in turn makes me happy. However the world of marketing print really doesn't fit in with my ideals. It's a lot of paper and energy that essentially goes to waste. Not very Kermity.

More and more I long for the farm. Spadger has been in the mindset for a while. He is definitely unsatisfied. I've been plodding along quite nicely. However the run up to Christmas has changed my mind somewhat. I've put a lot of effort into a project that as of right now is still incomplete. I feel no joy in what was achieved because for all my effort I was let down by others. I long for the farm When everything will be down to me and Spadger and we will be the only ones to blame when things go wrong. Which I'm sure they will.

A lot of this longing has been stirred up by Jenna at Cold Antler Farm She is my inspiration. She works damn hard and loves every second of it. She is one rung up on the ladder (the very tall ladder as she puts it) towards getting her farm. I feel like I'm browsing in the ladder section of B&Q. But on that ladder I shall get. Thanks for your inspiration Jenna. I'll be introducing myself to her soon when I've caught up on all of her blog. I always feel I should read people's archive before making acquaintances.

*-*-*-* Thanks for staying with me there *-*-*-*

One of the jobs I hate most around the house is cleaning the kitchen floor. It's too small to warrant storing a mop so it's a case of scrubbing it with a brush on my knees. I've been avoiding it as I'm a messy baker so it was only going to get worse as I marathon baked. I've just cleaned it now and let me tell you folks, it gleams! Now I am doing some more baking tonight but with the whole kitchen tidy I shouldn't make such a mess of the floor as I have more side space. I hope.

Well it's now 10:10, I've baked all the stuff that I'm giving as gifts to my office. The pound cakes are just in the oven now. I haven't totally reclaimed my kitchen but it looks more likely that I will before Christmas. I've enjoyed a half of a nice beer and soon I will be going to bed. I have a long day ahead of me tomorrow but it is the last working one for 10 days. Woot and indeed wahay!

And just to make my night this is happening right now!

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  1. I do hope you get your farm. My husband and I wanted to move out of the city forever, and we were lucky enough to get our farm just this past August. Chickens, goats, bees, homegrown fruits and veggies... I can't wait 'till spring. And "demon McDonald's" made me laugh - I forget those stupid, so-called restaurants are all over the world. :)