Wednesday, 30 December 2009

How to become a prune

Spadgersdottier loves swimming in the same way that most children do. It is practically impossible to get her out of the water once she's in there. We've been promising to take her swimming for ages as she has lessons at school and they've finished for the moment. So today we went. I love swimming but with her still learning it's more a stay close to look out for her. I really need to go on my own so I can get some real distance done. I used to go every morning when I get it free with work. There is nothing like starting your day with 1000 meter swim!

Other than that we've not done much today. We were up until midnight nearly hoping to catch a glimpse of the fox. He seems to go into hiding whenever we have Spadgersdottier. I'm sure he know she would love to see him! We did finish the marathon game of Monopoly we've had going for what feels like months now. Spadger was happy it was over. He hates Monopoly. It's a game of chance with no real skill involved which he doesn't like. For a change I won. To be fair it doesn't really bother me as I'm not that competitive. Spadger would argue. I get quite frustrated when we play Scrabble, to the point that I usually swear at him at least once. It's not the loosing I hate, it's the margin. There's usually 100 points between us. As an English major he expects me to be good at it. Knowing a lot of word and being able to get them in Scrabble are 2 different things as far as I'm concerned. In all honesty I do give up once he is in the lead by too much. It just hits a point where a miracle would have to happen for me to win and after that point I'm not interested.

She goes home tomorrow and we're not really planning anything for New years eve. Neither of us is much of a New Year person so we're just spending it on our own. We'll probably indulge in a couple of films and maybe a round of Scrabble :o)

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