Saturday, 12 December 2009

Christmas decorations

Well today is the 12th so our Christmas decorations have gone up. We haven't got Spadgersdottier this year so we have decided to go very minimal. Due to our Kermity ways we don't have any lights anyway. Nor do we have any tinsel. Last year we had our plastic tree decorated with home made paper chains, salt dough ornaments and a few baubles I had inherited from a shared household. Well we bought a very tiny live tree which we are going to grow to a suitable size but this year it (Frederick) is far too small for many decorations.

Me and Spadgersdottier sat down and made snowflakes which we hung on paperclips and attached to Frederick. I think he looks rather spiffing.

Now Spadger and Spadgersdottier are making a bird box we got free from Tree O'Clock. As you are aware we no longer have trees so not sure where it is going at the moment.

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