Friday, 4 December 2009

1am is not a time to be sewing

Fortunately it was Spadger stitching at that point. He was doing the slip stitching on my dress, the final steps. I am terrible at slip stitching, it's just sooooo slow.

So at 1am today my dress was finished. We trudged to bed which was bloody cold even with 2 blankets on top of the duvet. Might be time to dig out the winter duvet! I was then up at 7 so I could wash and dry may hair ready for tonight. Phew I'm knackered!

However my dress is finished, All that is left to do is Spadger's buttons. I've not made myself any new jewellery but I'm sure I can find something in my handmade stuff that will go with the dress.

Pics of the dress to come :o)

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