Sunday, 13 December 2009

The mince pies have exploded

Well the madness that is the baking I'm doing for people at work is beginning today. I have 2 dozen mince pies, 3 batches of millionaire shortbread, 1 batch or chocolate fudge and 1 batch of experimental plain fudge to make. Eep says I. Lets hope that my pastry mojo has come back.

I just made plain fudge for the first time!!!! :oD

Now to see if the pastry in the fridge will actually roll out.

It wasn't the best pastry I've made but it rolled out enough. Why is it that recipes never seem to yield as much as they say? My pastry amount said 3 dozen, I barely managed 2. I guess a lot of it is how thin you dare roll it. The last one was far thinner than any that had come before. Maybe I'll get 3 dozen out of the next lot. I only needed 2 anyway so I'm happy. There was even a little bit left over for Spadgersdottier to make a Doughman. We covered him in sugar and she declared him tasty.

Ok I have the pastry mojo back however I over filled them and many have fallen apart. Spadger is ecstatic as he is getting "Gone wrong cake"

Well I managed to not do anymore baking apart from the shortbread layer of some millionaire shortbread. As well. I've cut out the pieces for a couple more Christmas presents so I look like I'm in for a week of baking and sewing.

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