Saturday, 24 April 2010

Walkaway dress: Complete!

Dear and constant reader, it is complete! I had to make one final adjustment to the front hem which was a few inches longer than the back despite us measuring from the floor upwards when we set it so it should have been identical. Ah well. You will notice that the front sits a bit different to the pattern envelope. This is due to the dress having ties that cross over at the front and wrap all the way round. At a later date I may make a slit for one tie to go through the other to make it neater. However it will certainly do for now. So onto the particulars.

Here is the front view. I appear to be stood on a slant. Just ignore that, it's been a long day :o)

Side view. No silly gaping bits now.

Back view. Again please ignore the slant. As you can see there is a massive bow which the original dress doesn't have. I like it. Spadger is learning how to do a butterfly bow to make it even more pretty!

Gratuitous armpit shot. Notice no bra on show. Quite proud of that one.

Lastly here is a new thing I learnt today thanks to this tutorial. Bound buttonholes. The back doesn't meet at all due to not having enough material so we put strap over the back to this button. I've never done a bound buttonhole before but I found it quite easy. Lots more buttonholes to come me thinks :o)

So there you have it. One Walkaway dress. Yeah I had to make a ton of alterations to it. Yeah it is darn pretty! I know a lot of people are a bit nervous about tackling this one but I say go for it. Just don't expect to get the first one done in a hurry and you''ll be fine. Treat it as a Zen exercise and all will be fine.


  1. O fer CUTE!
    Good show with the armpit/bra exposure thing.
    And is it twirly? It LOOKS like it might be just right for twirling.

  2. Wow that looks great on you, and you are quite the seamstress. And Erin is right, it does look twirly.

  3. ladies it is indeed twirly (as all dresses should be I feel)

  4. Gorgeous! Wonderful job and very flattering! :)

  5. Pretty fabric and a lovely finish, thanks for letting us share all the different stages!!

  6. I really like this dress, it's a lovely, girly dress and the fabric is so pretty. Really well done, it looks fantastic.