Monday, 5 April 2010

Back to work tomorrow

And the holiday is at an end. I always feel a bit down when I have to go back to work but at least a feel rested now. It used to be that I would go back to work totally refreshed and ready to go but now I have Barnheart it's not quite the same. I feel much better and am less likely to bite everyone's heads of now that's for sure. But I don't really want to go back. I want to stay home and cook, sew, garden and even clean. Not selling forms to people and stroking the egos of reps. This is the first holiday I have had where I feel like this and I guess it's nice to know. I am certain of where I am in life now. It is a testament to have far and have come and how much I have changed that when we were at the farm on Saturday I was happily planting broad bean plants in the rain. Now let me explain that I can't stand being out in the rain. I don't mind if I'm on my way home to a dry set of clothes but otherwise I hate it. But when striding out across the farm in search of the plants I realized that rain as dripping off my waterproof jacket and down my legs and off the end of my nose and I didn't mind. Had I been anywhere else the chances are I would have been grumpy as hell.

So it is with thoughts like these I must sustain myself at the office. I must think that it is all a means to an end. If I want that wide windowsill with the gingham curtains wafting in the breeze around a home made homegrown cherry pie then I have to put in a few years graft in a job I don't like.

Unless I win the lottery of course :o)

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  1. Sigh - I am constantly hoping for a lottery win.