Monday, 19 April 2010

a day of slipstitching

Morning Folks. It's 8:01, I've just finished my coffee and I am thinking bout getting dressed and starting the sewing. I think today is going to be a good day to be under a quilt. We woke up to rain this morning. Good for the garden though. Plus we gained another water barrel yesterday so much more collected. Unfortunately Spadger didn't get round to fitting the overflow pipe tot he new barrel so the soon to be pumpkin patch might get a bit soggy today.

right then I am dressed, have a big pot o' coffee and my Firefly box-set. I am all set for some slipstitching action.

just finished the pilot episode of Firefly and I've finished the 1st side if the slipstitching. So that makes it an hour and a half per side, which means I have 4.5 hours of sewing left. I could get this finished and have time to do household chores. Score. I'm re-heating the last cup of coffee from the pot because I let it get cold and I can't stand cold coffee. This is the only time I miss having a microwave. Then all fuels up it's onto the next episode and more sewing :o)

Woo hoo I'm getting faster at this. Episode 2 done, 2nd side done. Coffee luke warm, yuk! I should never have a warm drink on the go when doing stuff. It always gets forgotten. Since it's going so well I think I'll pause and have a cinnamon roll.

3rd side done and the first disc of Firefly complete. Think I'm going to push on and get the last side done before I stop for lunch. This means I'm gonna have a whole sewing day to myself tomorrow. Woot and indeed Wahey!!! :o)

As the closing credits of episode 4 rolled I put the last stitch in. I am all done. So it seems I've booked a day off when I don't really need it. But I dislike work at the moment and I do need to make a dress for the weekend so I guess I'll have me some fun. So now it's time for some cheese on toast and a very large mug of hot squash. It was nice being under that sewing, very warm.

Ok 1 more episode down. Think now I should probably get on with the washing up (grr) and then get roasting the veggies I want to put in the pie.

Washing up don. Well, most of it. Veggies are in the oven. I'm sorting out the pics for my first post on the evolution of the walkaway dress and then for a quick tidy up I think. I then need to make the pie which I think I might cook through and then warm up when I do the potatoes to go with it whenever we are hungry.

Must go make pie now. I think I've worked up enough energy to tackle pastry :o)

Pie is in oven, potatoes are cooking and I'm hungry! I've been to the library and rented Coco before Chanel which I'm gonna curl up on the sofa with this evening. My metric badgerload of gaffer tape arrived today so at some point this week me and Spadger will make 2 dress forms which I am going to stuff with the inner of our winter duvet since we never use it (we are very warm people!). 1 will be a normal dress form, the other will be me corseted up.

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