Saturday, 10 April 2010

Deltoids and lambs

Oh dear readers I hurt. After looking at a body map of muscles it seems to be my front deltoids that is announcing it's presence. This is through another day of laying paths at the farm. I am very disappointed to announce that we didn't even finish one today. I was so sure we would get 2 done as the space was about the same as what we did last time. However I was gently reminded that last time we had George's help with the clearing and a veritable relay of wheelbarrows full of the toppings. So 3/4 of a path should be good enough for 2 people really. It was a gloriously sunny day. A little too warm for the kind of labour we were doing. I have the pinkest shoulders!!! We helped herd sheep, I got to carry a lamb (damn those little guys are heavy and warm!), saw brand new lambs and did the most exciting thing I have done this year so far. We bought a pig! This pig will be raised on the farm and then butchered and all this will be ours. Now I know this is not the same as having one on our own land but it is officially the first livestock. I have named it Goza after a kind of pork dumplings my friend made for me. We haven't picked one out yet. I'm not even sure if we get to do that. But we ran out of time today so we will go visit them next week.

Tonight we have been invited back to the farm to help *K* on lamb watch. She is hoping out presence will trick the world into making the sheep hold on and not star lambing. We are hoping for the exact opposite. Spadger has lambed before but this is a whole new experience for me.

Right now there is a vege pie in the oven who's contents were in the ground this morning. We will have fresh salad with this, a well earned beer and then head off for a shower. It's been a good day. I leave you with a picture of number 11 who has been bottle fed and is therefore very friendly. Ain't he cute? (yes that is my camera bag he is trying to eat)


  1. That lamb is so sweet!

    Congratulations on buying a pig! How exciting! Even if I ate meat I would be hopeless when it came to rearing an animal as I would name it - pet it - fall in love with it.....well, it just would not get eaten!

  2. Yeah I know what you mean. I know darn well that I'll be upset over it when it's time for it to go. But I'd be upset regardless of me naming it or not so I figured I would give it a go.