Friday, 9 April 2010

Of cotton and pins

I love sewing. Now you wouldn't think so to hear the temper tantrums and swearing that accompanies every new pattern being fitted for the first time. Once I have a pattern sorted sewing is a dream. But that fitting process is a ball ache.

Lets start with the fact that I am a J cup. Yes people, a J. Now I appreciate that this end of the alphabet is unusual but I can put it in perspective for you. Were I to go to somewhere like Marks and Spencer's for example they would fit me as a 38 G at most. Maybe even a bigger back size to accommodate the cup. I wear a 32 back which is slightly smaller than my actual measurement which is nearer 33. But this fits better than having a bigger back size. Because let me tell you, the bit of your bra that does all the work is that strap around the ribcage. This is why strapless ones work! So adding 4 or 5 inches to that just seems preposterous and this is what standard measuring does. So I go to Bravissimo where they don't use a tape measure and my bras fit!!! The reason I am extrapolating on my bust size is that standard dress patterns are drawn to fit a B cup. That means the measurement around the fullest part of your bust is 2 inches bigger than the rib cage. Mine is 10 inches! So you can see already that I'm gonna encounter problems. I discovered early on that cutting a pattern based on my bust measurement doesn't work as it isn't large to accommodate the bust but all of me. I'm no supermodel but I'm definitely not a 42" all the way round. Plus the armsyce and neck line become massive on me. So I have to do an FBA. I'm still learning to do these so it's very trial and error (enter some of that swearing I mentioned earlier).

To be fair this covers most of my problems. I am a short lass so that has a few complications and I also have a really high waist. But these aren't that hard to work around.

So why all the tantrums then? The first real dress I made was for a friend. I cut the material, sewed it, gave it to her. That simple. Because she was average. Now I certainly don't mean this in a bad way. How I long to be average when I start sewing! Once I have an item finished though. Then I am so very glad to be far from average. Because you know, all the tears (yes there have been some) and yelling is worth it (Spadger might disagree) when I can wear something beautiful that I have made myself and fits me well.

Right I have spent ages reading this blog procrastinating. Time to get down to some of that sewing. Should I make the skirt I already have cut out or start a top? Decisions decisions.

**Edited at 22:24**
I decided on the skirt and it is now done apart from either a button or a hook at the top of the zip. Score :o)

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