Thursday, 22 April 2010

e only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting.”

I like this quote. It is so very true and I can apply it to my life in so many ways (not just the search for truth). I am terrible for not starting stuff for fear of failure. Better to not try than fail. What an IDIOT. I am coming to see now that there really is no such thing as failure. Everything I have "failed" at has taught me something. So the failure is not the end of the journey it's merely a pause or slight obstacle. Instead of giving up on stuff I need to practice going all the way.

I've already started applying this to my sewing. I've learnt the ability to start projects that might have scared me a bit and to persevere through the many pitfalls that come with fitting a garment properly. But last night I had a revelation. I have spent what feels like weeks. (it's been 4 really) sorting out the pattern for the Walkaway dress. Not really a walkaway for me. However it is done. I'll have the finished product in time for the wedding I was making it for. I also now have a pattern I can use for many many more of this dress. But 4 weeks ago I would never have thought I would be at the point I am now. A bit of perseverance goes a long way.

Tonight I will be doing no sewing as I am off to the local comedy club. Tomorrow I shall hopefully completes my dress.

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