Friday, 23 April 2010

circles are evil!

I started picking the original back up dress apart last night. Once I had to bodice free I put it on to see if it does fit and it was just the opening needs making longer. Erm, no. It is indeed at least an inch if not 2 smaller than it should be. I have no idea how I've managed that at all. However I am persevering with this one as it is so very pretty. I will be inserting an extra panel on the bodice and the waistband at the back. So it will be slightly less polished than it was previously but it will fit. I believe that there is plenty of room in the skirt because I had to pleat it to make it fit the waistband.

I love how far I have come. A few months ago I would have had the screaming abdabs and thrown it into the UFO pile. Not now mu friend. I will be altering it next week I reckon. Same as the other version of this dress I have. That one went together fine and fits well but the waistband hung badly die to the way the instructions say to sew it. That one is now in pieces waiting to be sewn back together now.

So that's 3 dresses to complete and then add to my wardrobe. How happy am I right now?

Ok so that last statement was a few hours ago now. I've just finished the hems of this dress, my fingers are scalded form the iron and I have a crick in my back. Circle skirts are pretty but evil. Looks like the finished pics might be tomorrow. I can start the binding now but man I need a rest first. think I might go watch Spadger who is fighting with a rabbit as he tries to groom the winter coat off her. Fur is literally flying!!!! :o)

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