Thursday, 15 April 2010

a bit of a meltdown

I woke up the morning and the magnitude of the procrastination we discussed last night hit me in the face. I went into meltdown (there was are flapping and everything). So I looked at my holiday availability, realised if I took 2 days I would still have 2 working weeks left and booked it. Monday and Tuesday are now designated slip stitching days. In an ideal universe I'll be able to get it done on Monday and then I can spend Tuesday making my dress. I'd like to get the Walkaway dress done but with all the alterations still to do that might not happen. Having said that altering and sewing that might take the same amount of time as sewing the other one as it is more complicated. Ooh decisions.

In other news I have a little shrine to the outdoors on my desk now. The picture has been there for a while and it gets changed every so often. It's always something farm or country related though. I look in that direction whenever corporate life get's too much for me.

At lunch Spadger took me to Dunhelm Mill to price up blackout fabric. Our bedroom curtains came with the house and are quite a nice purple colour. However they have watermarks and god knows what else all over the back of them. I've been wanting to change them for a while and have now amassed enough curtain tape (I hope) from charity shop curtains I've bought for the material to attempt it. Spadger is one of those people who can't sleep if there is any light in the room. With the advent of white blackout material I had an idea. I'm going to make the curtains themselves out of this material and I'll embroider them.I think I'll do it mainly in back stitch, nice and simple, with maybe a few other stitches. I'm not sure what to do but I think it will be a pattern rather than a picture in an attempt to not make it too girlie.

Spadger has decreed (rightly so if I'm honest) that I'm not allowed to buy any more material until I have used lots of my stash. Dunhelm Mill had a fabric ages ago that I fell in love with and it disappeared before I got to buy any. Well it's back. That's it I can't buy any though until some of my stash is gone. Let's hear it for motivation to sew! I do want to start making some bits and bobs to sell to now is definitely the time to start that. I also need to start cutting out some shapes for a quilt top I want to do for my friend the Spoon Maiden. It's a Janes' Diamonds so it's a good one for stash busting and using up smaller bits. I also have quite a collection of tiny bits (like when you trim seams) and thread ends which I plan on using as toy stuffing. It's all very make do. up top. Isn't it purdy?

Right then, must go gather cake and rubbish films for the girlie evening. I feel much more relaxed about going now I have 2 days sewing time booked.


  1. When you embroider the blackout material, you will make myriad little holes, through which will come ..... light ! So if you can live with sleeping in a sort of pinprick patterned world, that will be cool!
    If not, you can just make a blind of the blackout stuff (did this for the babies) with sew on velcro on, and put stick on velcro top and bottom of window, so blackout layer is totally removable, and just have pretty thin curtains.
    On the other hand, maybe your idea is better!

  2. That butterfly fabric is beautiful.

    I'm another one who puts things off until later...later never comes...panic sets in.....

    Enjoy the dressmaking - I'm looking forward to seeing the piccies :o)