Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Walkaway dress alterations: Post 3 - Starting to put it together

Well this is it. We are cutting out the pieces for the Walkaway dress. I say we because Spadger is cutting I'm just helping. He is much steadier of hand and I was terrified of cutting it wrong. How awesome is he?!?!?! I will hopefully get all the pieces together tonight and then it needs to hang to let the bias set on the skirt. In my delight at getting it done I'd forgotten that bit and am now a tad disappointed that I can't finish it tonight. Ah well. This means Friday night will be spent hemming and binding and then it should be done.

It's now 11:32 and I want to go to bed. But first a quick sneak peek at the dress. It's not finished (see above) but it's all sewn together. Please excuse the other dress underneath but I needed something to pin it to!

The ties I mentioned in the last post will pull this in a little more under my bust.

Look no silly gaping! (ignore the selvedge edge. Yes I know I shouldn't have cut into that but I really liked it and wanted it to be in the dress even if it will be hidden in the seam)

Nice lower neckline and no cap sleeves.

Will definitely cover my bra!

So there you have it. I will post completed pics either Friday or Saturday depending on when I get it finished along with a run down on how to alter it for yourself. Sweet dreams dear readers :o)


  1. It is going to look lovely when it's finished! The print is so pretty, and you have done a great job with the fitting.

  2. Its looking great all that hard work fitting has been thoroughly worth it!!

  3. Your finished dress came out nice. I just wanted to pop in and comment your wearing the dress underneath in this post inspired me to maybe look into seeing if I could add a flutter sleeve... hmm. :) my muslin has been cut for months just not had time and space to sew it yet. Ty for the inspiration!