Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Back up dress and bread

Morning folks. It is 8:24 I have had coffee, watered plants, fed rabbits and pulled some rhubarb ready for the cake I have planned. I was gonna make the cake before I got dressed (yeah I'm slack, I know) but the washing up will need doing first and I hate doing that in my dressing gown. I always manage to dunk the sleeves. The sun is shining today an my plans involve a lot of baking and sewing. Just realised though that I have beggar all butter left so I think I'd best run and get dressed now and pop to the corner shop before I do anything else. Ooh actually if I wash up first then they can be draining while I'm out. Plan!

The sewing for the day will be making the alterations to the Walkaway dress I wrote about here and making a back up dress. I would still love to have the Walkaway one done for Sunday but I can't start it till I'm certain all the alts are good and I can't check that til Spadger gets home. Bring on the dressmakers dummy says I! So I need a back up.

The rhubarb cake is in the oven and I only have one more piece to sew before I hit a brick wall on the walkaway dress. Need Spadger to get back to me about which marking I need to use. Then I'm gonna start on the back up dress. Pics to come on that one I think. Right now I've realized I've not had breakfast so it might have to be a cuppa and a couple of breakfast scones.

Finally sat down with the scones. More elevenses than breakfast now. I have Frankenstein's dress sat on the table. Bits are sewn on all over but with a cursory try on I think it;s good. Can't really tell without a mirror and someone to pin to to me. How dare Spadger go to work hehehehe

Well I made a mock up of the bodice I wanted on the back up dress and I don't think it's quite right. So, since I don't have time to mess around I'm going to go with the bodice I know works. Now I have another dilemma. The fabric I was going to use is just not quite how I remember it. Now I'm left with a choice of 2 others and no one here to help me. I'm notoriously rubbish at making decisions. Oh dear!!

1st lot of bread is just on it's second prove and I've started the yeast for the next batch. I'm on a bread mission today. All the pieces are cut out for the back up dress so I'm gonna start putting that together in a mo. First a we smackrel of something and a sit down.

I've been for a bath due to the terrible revelation that back up dress does not fit! Well, I can't get it on at the moment which may be due to the zip being too short or the dress being too small. I won't know for sure until I do some alts to it. Grr says I. However it is a masterpiece of sewing, possibly my neatest yet. Silver lining and all.

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