Thursday, 30 September 2010

Self Stitched September 30th - and a review

So we are at the end of SSS. Phew it has been interesting. My stats are thus: 2 fails, 15 orignal outfits and 13 repeats. Not bad all in all. I didn't sew much new stuff to be fair, just finished off some things that were languishing in the UFO pile.

I did learn a lot about my wardrobe though. My tops consist of vests (most of which are now in the re-fashion pile due to the stain fairy being my new best friend). Yeah, that's it. I have a grand total of 1 top that I have made myself. So my mission once I have sewn my coat is going to be make myself some tops. I have grown less fond of lycra vests of late and desire some better fitted tops.

I've enjoyed the experience but I'm not sure if I would do it again. As much as we try not to be wasteful in this house I have to admit that I may have a weakness for variety in my clothes. I like having a choice. Being limited to 15 items got very dull by the end. I am painfully aware just how bad that it and how so many people would love to have 15 items to choose from. But I think this might be a little indulgance of mine.

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