Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Self Stitched September 15th

Todays outfit is a re-fashion rather than a sewn from scratch. This dress cost me £6 from the staff shop at my old job. I loved it but it had these little cap sleeves. They drove me nuts. What the heck is with cap sleeves? They don't keep your arms warm and they stop you being able to move your arms normally. Really just not for me. So I unpicked them, removed the pathetic little bit of sleeve, and sewed the binding back on. Ah, free movement in arms. What's that, you'd like something off that shelf? Certainly I'l reach up and get it for you. (ok so that might be overdoing it. I'm real short so no one ever asks me to reach anything for them! But you get the idea.)

1 comment:

  1. Cap sleeves! Waste of perfectly good fabric if you ask me...
    Love the shoes! You really look very tall in this outfit. (I had to laugh about the shelf thing because at the last day before I went into maternity leave my co-workers said "Oh bother, Katja is leaving so we have to bring out the ladder again ;)

    Looks like SSS is going well for you so far, keep it up :)

    BTW - Where have you been? We had to eat all the brownies ourselfs! ;)