Thursday, 16 September 2010

Self Stitched September 16th

This is one that I am very proud of. You see those trousers? Well I didn't make them from scratch but I did alter them to fit. I bought them years ago when I lost a load of weight. They fit pretty darn good. Then I lost more weight. Well, technically that is wrong. I'm heavier than I was then but slimmer. It's all in the boobs and bum! It meant that I was having to wear a a belt with these and pulling them in so much that it looked like they had a paper bag waist which they don't. The belt loops were always a bit strange, they stopped about half an inch from the top of the trousers which enhanced this paper bag thing.

I took the waistband off, pulled them up to where I wanted them to sit and took in the side seams. I then took in the waistband to match and sewed it back on. Cue well fitting trousers which sit on my waist rather than falling off my hips. My bum looks about 4 sizes smaller now that it's not covered by saggy pants!


  1. I'm really enjoying your SSS. The work you have done on these trousers sounds very complicated and impressive!