Thursday, 9 September 2010

Self Stitched September 9th

Hey everyone. Today is day 9 and I have a little velvet number to show you all. It started life as a skirt which someone bought for me which was way too big. I took it in an wore is as a skirt and a strapless dress for a while. Then I stopped being able to wear strapless bras so it went back to a skirt. Then the zip broke. Sob!

So I threw it on the "do something with it" pile and when I signed up to wardrobe refashion I turned it into this dress. A few people pointed out that the lines on the front didn't do my bust any favours and I did agree with them. So it got put to the back of the wardrobe.

Roll on SSS and suddenly I am desperate for hand made stuff. "Can I wear the unflattering velvet dress?" I thought. Hold on, let's be revolutionary and wear it the wrong way round. Cue much more flattering low backed dress. It is cinched in under my bust with a ribbon.


  1. Wow - that one's a stunner. Great ingenuity! :)

  2. Well if you have ever been over to my blog,, you will know that I absolutely ♥ green! The dress is awesome.