Friday, 1 October 2010

End of a long month

Thank all that is holy that it is October. September was not my favourite month of this year. I don't really know what it was about the month that made it so hard. There was a lot on at work. There was a lot to do at the homestead. There was a lot going on in my family.

There was a lot. Yeah that will do to sum it up. At times it felt very overwhelming. Almost tot he point that I stopped enjoying a lot of the things I do. I'll be honest, everything felt like an effort, a task. Nothing really felt fun. This is a bit of a travesty really as I do love my life.

I've learnt a lot though. I really do need to be more organised. I need to know roughly what is going to need doing over a week, any times I know I'm going to be going away and plan around these things. Hopefully by doing this I'll be able to fit in the things I like doing without feeling guilty because I want to spend time for myself. Now I'm one of those people who likes lists anyway so this shouldn't be hard to do. I'm making myself a calendar at the mo (I'll share the pics when I've sorted them) and I'm going to use this religiously to plan my life. A bit anal I know but I think it's going to be necessary. I don't need another month where I spend most of it wanting to cry!

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