Thursday, 2 September 2010

Self Stitched September - 2nd

Onto day 2 than. Today we have a skirt in my favourite pattern. Spotty!!!! This skirt started life as a "smocked"dress I made. Phew was that a disaster. It then became the back up dress for a wedding I was going to but man it went so wrong. Now it is a skirt. I feel that it is quite happy with it's current incarnation :o)

Please ignore the big giggle face. Spadger made me laugh.


  1. What a cute, flirty skirt. I really like those boots too. Are you going to post each day's outfit? I am trying but whew! hard to do with so much going on each day.

  2. That is a cute look altogether, pig tails and giggles in spotty clothes go very very well together.