Tuesday, 21 September 2010

A few words on Vera

Hey folks. Some good questions about Vera which I thought I would answer here.

She is made from chicken wire. I have tried making a form out of both parcel tape and duct tape to no great success. Both of them collapse far too quickly to be any use.

The parcel tape form got all bent out of shape because I didn't let it dry on me for long enough. Man it takes so long to make that you are dying to get out of it. Really!!!

Duct tape could work better but you have to be ready to put it on a base and stuff it pretty darn quick as it really doesn't hold it's shape for long. Plus you can end up with a form a bit bigger than you would like depending on how many layers you go for.

The chicken wire version has definitely worked the best. We made her in 3 sections. The bottom half of my body from under the bust down to over my hips at the front and all up my back and over the shoulder was one part. We just wrapped it round me and cut away the top bit. Each boob was an individually moulded piece. I think most people wouldn't have to go to that mush effort but the bust is where I have all of my fitting issues so we wanted it to be darn accurate. These 3 pieces were then wired together and I wriggled out of it. Spadger then cut a base for her and stapled it together. We stuffed her it cut up bits of the winter duvet as we really don't seem to need it. I guess anything would do that you can pack in well and squeeze into all the curves. He then cut and stapled arm and neck pieces. I draped her in the spotty material which is some kind of stretchy jersey and sewed in in place using stitches to the wire to pull it in around the boobs. She fits onto a stand which is just a pole attached to a cross piece at the bottom. Basically the pole goes into a box that is fixed into the bottom of the form (sounds very rude as I'm trying to explain it). This is so she can be removed and Lucille put in her place when we make her. 2 forms, 1 stand.

I hope that answered your questions. Holler up if I missed anything.


  1. Vera is fantastic!

    Had to laugh (ok, snort) at your describing how she was made (sorry!). How on earth did you get wrapped in chicken wire without it hurting? It must have been really uncomfortable.

  2. Chicken wire, what an awesome idea. I agree that the parcel tape collapses very easily because that has happened to me.

    Thank you so much for the added info! Now I need to try this.