Friday, 16 July 2010

Wild cherries

On our way home from the show the other day we walked past an elderberry bush we has foraged from for a few years. But it wasn't elderberries that made us stop. Oh no my friend it was wild cherries. Spadger promptly handed me all the bags, grabbed a carrier off me and shinnied up on the wall and started stripping the tree of every ripe berry he could reach. We came home with over a pound of free berries. Damn I love foraging. Today I have turned them into cheesecake using homemade labna for the cheese and a chocolate oaty base.

We went for a walk down the canal side today and it seems that the blackberries have recovered form the harsh cut back the council gave them last year. We also found wild raspberries (woot says I), more wild cherries (though someone else had beaten us to them) and re-discovered the apple tree we found last year. Who needs a supermarket with this nearby?!

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